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Corporate Health & Wellness Programs

Would you like to...

  • Lower your employee health insurance coverage costs?
  • Improve your employees' health?
  • Increase productivity and improve morale?

Manage employee health with Elite Human Resources Health & Wellness
When your employees are healthy, so is your bottom line. Elite Human Resources Health & Wellness solutions help your company increase productivity, improve morale and dramatically reduce health insurance and medical costs.

Encourage employee health
When it comes to employee health, it takes more than just offering sick days to keep your employees healthy and productive. Prevention is the best medicine. With Elite Human Resources Health & Wellness, you can help your employees to identify and address personal health issues. Through health assessments, employees gain an understanding of their health - what their triggers are, impacts of good decision making, areas to improve, and how bad habits affect their overall health. Elite Human Resources health coaches can then help them make positive lifestyle changes for the long term, improving their health and well-being. We all need positive reinforcement, especially when it comes to change, and our incentive programs can provide your employees with the motivation they need to get and stay healthy.

  • Health Assessments
  • Health Consultations
  • Health & Productivity Incentives
  • Onsite Health Services

Health Management Programs
  • Bariatric Surgery Management
  • Health Coaching
  • Online Health Resources
  • Outreach & Engagement
  • Teen/Adolescent Weight Management
  • Wellness Triage

Identify, prevent and remedy the issues that lead to increased healthcare costs
Knowing your employees' health needs is just the first step. Maintaining employee health is key to reducing unscheduled absences, increasing productivity and decreasing costs. Contact us today to see how we can support your employees' health by understanding their specific needs and providing the tools, services and incentives to help them achieve a healthy lifestyle.
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