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Payment Solutions & Payroll Print Services

Elite Human Resources Payment Solutions & Payroll Print Services help make payroll disbursement easier.

By outsourcing your payroll disbursement functions to Elite Human Resources, you are free to concentrate on more important things like your employees, your core business growth and your own personal development.

What payroll disbursement headaches do you have around payday?
  • Making sure all checks are printed and distributed
  • Managing payroll disbursement to your employees
  • Reconciling checks to your payroll account?
  • Reducing bank processing fees?
  • Eliminating potential for check fraud?

Elite Human Resources's Payment Solutions & Payroll Print Services can help you with all of those!
Whether fully integrated with your Elite Human Resources HR/payroll solution, or as a standalone service using payroll data from your inhouse or third party system, Elite Human Resources's payment solutions and print services provide you with comprehensive and reliable payroll disbursement services that offer you peace of mind.

We'll take your processed payroll file and print all checks and deposit slips for you. Then we'll distribute the checks to the locations you specify. Or use our direct deposit option to provide your employees with the convenience of having their pay deposited directly into their bank account. With Elite Human Resources's payment solutions and print services, you are assured that your employees get paid accurately and on time, every time.

You can also take advantage of the Comdata Card for electronic funds distribution. We deposit employees' pay onto a debit card they can use for purchases or at an ATM -- even if they don't have a bank account. This secure payment solution eliminates the risks associated with distributing paper checks, such as lost, stolen or altered checks.

Elite Human Resources Payment Solutions & Payroll Print Services include:

  • Payroll Check Printing & Imaging
  • W-2 Printing & Imaging
  • Direct Deposit & Official Check
  • PayCards: Payroll Debit Cards

Ready to take the next step?
Contact us today to find out how Elite Human Resources's payment solutions and print services can eliminate the cost and hassle of paycheck printing and distribution. Let us be your single source for payroll disbursement services and support.
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